Map Quebec companies

Map Quebec companies connected to global trade.

Pr. Thierry Warin

Supervised Project and/or thesis - Research Mandate


We are looking for students interested in completing a supervised project research assignment or a thesis on the following project: Mapping Quebec companies connected to global trade.

The goal of this project is to map all Quebec companies and see their degree of internationalization. We want to see the appearance of industrial clusters by industry and by support industries. The concepts used will be those of Michael Porter, the analysis can also be extended to the concepts of Triple-Helix and VUCA.

Methodology of choice

We will build a dynamic mapping of all the companies in Quebec. We will also statistically construct a spatial correlation with other industries. We will therefore be able to map the proximity of industries to each other and serve as a proxy for related industrial clusters in Porter.

In particular, we will be able to measure and see the potential importance of the Triple-Helix and also go a step further by looking at risk exposure by creating a VUCA model.

Research environment


Supervising professor


Community values and Honor Code

In this project, you will have access to some of the tools we use on our data science platform in our lab The use of these tools requires adherence to our Honour Code. This comes on top of the school’s regulations.

Community Values

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In our lab, we believe it is essential that all participants embody and uphold our community values in order to foster a supportive online learning environment where individuals can have open discussion, reflect on their thinking and learn from each other.

Our laboratory’s Honour Code

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